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DSC-E1 series is the product for lens MTF testing. We provide DSC-E1(10cm) which is using short object distance light path architecture design for the application of different lens type.
  • MTF Test and Distortion correction chart are both designed into one reticle that provide higher test accuracy and more cost-effective.
  • Enhanced structural design allows the machine can be being used in general factory environment without any additional vibration isolator.


MTF 5 ~9 image regions
DOF Depth of Focus
FBFL Flange Back Focal Length
Magnification Center
Image Plane Tilt Angle & Azimuth
Focus Tilt Curvature Height
Through Focus  
Limit Resolution  
S.F.R Spatial Frequency Response
CRA Chief Ray Angle
Image plane Correction  


Normally Average Test Time / per Fix Lens
(including Through Focus、DOF)
5~9 image regions < 3.0s
MTF Repeatability (excluding load & unload) Delta MTF : (<= 180lp/mm)
on axis <= 1.5 ; off axis <= 2.5
Maximum Measuring Frequency 300lp/mm
Limited FBL > -3.0mm
Limited Image Circle ≦12mm  ( >12mm customized)
Collimator Lens EFL : 25mm/35mm/50mm
FOV Range (optional) Bracket A.(Typical) : 20˚ ~ 75˚
Bracket B. : 60˚ ~ 120˚
Bracket C. : 90˚ ~ 145˚
Bracket D. : 120˚ ~180˚
XY Auto Centering Accuracy / Range 3um ; ±0.15m
Limited Measuring Journey of Tray 130mm at X & Y Axis
Light Source 15V /150W Halogen Lamp
Machine Dimensions(cm) 131cm*67cm *150cm
Machine Weight(Kg) 200 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
Software Operation Windows 7