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MD-60FC is automatic focusing, gluing and UV curing equipment for lens module. The maximum FOV can reach 1400, and use tray loading/unloading method to save operation time. It can apply to the camera module of cellphone, car and surveillance system.
  • Digitalized Image Quality Adjustment:An optimized image quality can be obtained by quantify and correctly adjustment through MTF calculation.
  • Multiple Test Points and Flexible Focusing Method:Provide finite and infinite conjugate and wide field of view focusing.
  • Use Tray as a loading/ unloading unit: Multiple lenses can be placed at once to effectively reduce operating time.
  • Intergrade the front and back-end process to shrink working hours:In the machine, glue dispensing and UV curing can be preceded after focusing.




Maximum Size of Focusing Module 28mm(L)*32mm(W)*32mm(H)*16mm(Ф)
Rotating Resolution of Focusing 0.09 ˚
Rotating Resolution of Focusing 20 ˚ ~ 140 ˚
Optical system/td> Infinite Conjugate or Finite Conjugate
Collimator Test Regions : 5 or 9 or 13 sets (Optional)
EFL : 35mm or 50mm or 75mm(Optional)
Light Source:
Brightness :Min. 300lux(Manually Adjustable)
Color Temperature:5500 ˚+/- 300K
Life Time: 6000hrs
Tray Size 280L*280W(10*8)
Aperture of Gripping Module Ф8~ Ф16
Probe jig Designed with Condition Accordingly
Focusing Head Ф8~ Ф16
Glue dispenser  
UV light source 350nm wavelength
Machine Size 1560L*900W*1700H
Weight 230  Kg
Power source AC220±10% 60Hz  10A
Operation System Windows 7
Compressor CDA:0.5 MPa (5 kg / cm2)