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High Precision Active Alignment of Dot Pattern Projector Module Assembler

DP-60AA provides full function of automatically and multi-axis with high precision active focusing, tilt calibration, centering and glue dispensing and curing for the dot pattern projector module alignment. The projection quality can be optimized based on images calculation result and multi-axis accurate adjustment.


Item Contents
Optical System Finite object distance optical system
Beam Properties Measure the size and Roundness of the EL beams(Optional)
Spot Properties Measure the size and Roundness of the dots
Uniformity Inspect the uniformity of whole area or ROIs
Active Alignment 6 axis adjustment to optimized image quality
UV Pre-cure 4 LED heads to proceed UV Pre-cure
Automatic Glue Dispensing Support circle, squire and pointing dispensing


Models DP-60AA Series
Optical System Finite object distance system
Collimators 5 Cameras
30/40/50../70cm object distance selectable
XYZαβθ Axis SPEC
(θ Axis is option)
X Axis 30mm / 1um
Y Axis 30mm / 1um
Z Axis 40mm / 0.4um
α Axis ± 6 ˚ / 0.003 ˚
β Axis ± 6 ˚ / 0.003 ˚
θ Axis ± 6 ˚ / 0.003 ˚
FOV Range Bracket A. : 20˚ ~ 110˚ (Typical)
Bracket B. : 60˚ ~ 155˚
Bracket C. : 85˚ ~ 179˚
Lens & Module Dimensions Limitation Lens: Lens ψ:3 ~ 25 mm
    H:2 ~ 20 mm
Whole Module: 40 mm(L) X 40 mm (W) X 40 mm(H)
Aspect Ratio Type A (4:3) 、 Type B (16:9)、Customized
Collimator Lens EFL 25mm/35mm/50mm/100mm
UV light Source Central Wave length 365nm
Machine Dimensions 950W*1050D*1600H mm
Machine Weight 350 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
Communication Interface I/O Card
Operation System Windows7