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Camera Module Image Tester

• The digitalized quality full inspection of camera module can be achieved by through three stations test, intrinsic calibration, Image Quality and Resolution, with multiple test items of each station.

• The maximum FOV(Field of View)is close to 215 degree for fulfilling the test requirements of different kinds of camera modules such as surveillance, sport and in car, etc.

• Two tracks transportation system design allows operating subjects load/unload while testing for reducing the total cycle time.

• Fast tray and Jig switch design can meet small-volume and variety of models production requirements. This system also can be customized for following client’s production line plan.


First Test Station Inspection Items Unit
Intrinsic Calibration Luminance Uniformity %
Bad Pixel Bad Pixel (Full White) pixels
Bad Pixel (Full Dark) pixels
Blemish Particles on image Ratio, pixels, numbers.
Remark Wide FOV test is available.
Second Test Station Inspection Items Unit
Image Quality Color Accuracy or Reproduction Lab & DL、DC、DE
White Balance Lab
SNR db
Gray Level 0 ~ 255 (R、G、B)
Third Test Station Inspection Items Unit
(ISO 12233)
MTF(Modulation Transfer Function) lp/mm
SFR (Spatial Frequency Response) lp/mm
Alignment Decenter (x , y) pixel
Rotation Amount of positive clocking or anti-clocking degree
Object Distance MTF Scanning range from 40cm~infinity. (Optional)
Remark Infinity /Finite(optional) Conjugate
Max. FOV≦215° , Min FOV≧20°


Items Description
Optical Finite and infinite conjugate system
0.4 m ~ infinite automatic adjustment system (Optional)
Test Points 5 / 9 / 13 collimators
Collimator Type Fixed / Motorized collimators
Collimator Specification Edge Pattern
Positioning precision<5um
Positioning repeatability<2um
Module Size limitation 5mm3 ~ 60mm3 (Customized)
Stage Height 286mm + table surface(~700mm)
FOV range Max. FOV≦215°
Half Sphere Light Source Color temperature: 5700K+/-500K  
Life: 30000 hrs
Collimator Light Source Color temperature: 5500K+/-300K  
Life: 10000 hrs
Aspect Ratio Type A (1:1) / Type B (4:3) / Type C (16:9)
Collimator Lens EFL 25mm ~ 100mm
Color Chart 12 color patches including black, white, gray, primary colors and compliments.
Color Light Source Beck light source design
Color temperature: 5700K+/-500K  
Life: 30000 hrs
Machine Size 840(W) *700(L) *1700(H) mm
Weight 300Kg
Power Requirement AC220V/10A
Image Capture Interface Please refer to the table in next page.
OS Windows 7