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Lens MTF Tester

DSC-E1MR is integrated 10 cm with high precision rotation stage in current DSC-E1 architecture. Lens clocking control and switching between infinity and 10 cm objective distance measurement can be easily controlled in software.
It is suitable for mobile phones、NB、 monitoring and other small lens mass line production testing. High speed, high precision, reproducibility good, reasonable price, etc., and is compatible with the industry standard.

• 10cm and Infinity mechanism measurement are combined in one machine to provide higher test efficiency and more cost-effective.

• With accurate rotation stage, pairing can be achieved fast.

• MTF Test and Distortion correction chart are both designed into one reticle that provide higher test accuracy and more cost-effective.

• Combination of 9~25 image regions provides customers to purchase upgrades and expansion easily.

• Enhanced structural design allows the machine can be being used in general factory environment without any additional vibration isolator.


MTF 9 ~25 image regions
DOF Depth of Focus
FBFL Flange Back Focal Length
Magnification Center
Image Plane Tilt Angle & Azimuth
Focus Tilt Curvature Height
Through Focus  
Limit Resolution  
S.F.R Spatial Frequency Response
CRA Chief Ray Angle
Image plane Correction  


Normally Average Test Time / per Fix Lens
(including Through Focus、DOF)
9~25 image regions < 3.0s
MTF Repeatability (excluding load & unload) Delta MTF : (<= 180lp/mm)
on axis <= 1.5 ; off axis <= 2.5
Maximum Measuring Frequency 300lp/mm
Limited FBL > -3.0mm
Limited Image Circle ≦12mm  ( >12mm customized)
Collimator Lens EFL : 25mm/35mm/50mm
FOV Range (optional) Bracket A.(Typical) : 20˚ ~ 75˚
Bracket B. : 60˚ ~ 120˚
Bracket C. : 90˚ ~ 145˚
Bracket D. : 120˚ ~180˚
XY Auto Centering Accuracy / Range 3um ; ±0.15mm
Limited Measuring Journey of Tray 130mm at X & Y Axis
Light Source 15V /150W Halogen Lamp
Machine Dimensions(cm) 142cm *76cm *160cm
Machine Weight(Kg) 220 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
Software Operation Windows 7