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Multi Infinity Image Focusing Equipment

Multi-EFA system can be adjusted to meet different testing requirements of camera modules. This system contents several test charts at adjustable FOV to procced Finite/Infinite conjugate measurement of camera module via different combination of calibrated collimator Lens. With UMA’s SFR test software, MTF distribution information can be easily acquired.


Please refer to the Specification.


Item Description Remark
Collimator Lens 5 sets / 9 sets / 13 sets optional
Collimator Lens EFL 35mm / 50mm / 75mm optional
Chart Star Pattern exchangeable
XYZ Stage (manual) Camera Module Base  
Y axis-Slide for Camera Module load & unload  
Maximum FOV (Diagonal) 180°   
Standard Light Source LED (White Light 5500K)
Brightness > 10 lux
Machine Dimensions 68 cm * 60 cm *55 cm  
Machine Weight 35KG  
Power Supply AC110V