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Automatic Sorter

AS-100E is a customized Automatic Sorter which is able to move finished inspection lens from test tray to level set tray or shipment between different trays. AS-100E is capable of communicating with single or multiple MTF testers to receiving sorting information.

The advance design such as receiving inspection data directly from multiple MTF tester through internet connection, double pitch adjustable suction nuzzle, high speed transportation and multilevel material storage provide the multipurpose functions of eliminating the chance of human sorting error, saving manpower and communicating with multiple MTF tester.
AS-100E has fully automatic sorting with designated storage functions to fulfill the needs of lens tester in market.

• By connecting to multiple MTF testers through internet, the inspection data can be received without manual entering to reduce manpower and the chance of human error.

• The warehouse of MTF Tray and Sorted Tray both 8 levels for storage, each level can croospond to different MTF tester that achieves 1 level to 1 machine to avoied material mixing.

• Tray can be load or unload during machine operating to increase equipment effectness and reduce staff idle time.

• The plate bearing machenism is suitable for many types of Tray to increass the multiuseability of equipment.

• The position of 2 suction nuzzles can be adjusted according to the location of parts to raise the UPH via 2 parts picking and placeing at same time.



Please refer to the Specification.


Item Description Mark
Tray Replacing Mechanism 2 sets  
Pallet locate stage 2 sets  
XYZ Robotic Arm  X Axis:Lead 20 mm, Stroke 500 mm  
 Y Axis:Lead 10 mm, Stroke 300 mm  
 Z Axis:Lead 2 mm, Stroke 65 mm  
Suction Nuzzle Adjustable two axis suction nuzzle Pitch range:15 ~ 35 mm
UPH Single: ~5,400 unit/hr
Double: ~6,800 unit/hr
Depends on tray design and lens distribution.
Machine Size 780 (L)*1070 (W)*1550(H) mm  
Weight 250 Kg  
Storage Design MTF & Lens Tray magazine separately. Can load/unload when operating.
Storage Levels 8 levels. Number of level can be redesigned accordingly.
Storage Size 281(L)*271(W)*37(H)mm  
Utility Requirement Power:  AC 220V,15A
Compressor:>0.5 Mpa Clean air