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High Precision Camera Module Active Alignment System

MD-90AA Pro Series provides full-function, automatic and high precision active alignment capability for camera module assembly. Whether by applying 6-degree freedom AA on Senor or 5-degree freedom AA on Lens based on MTF calculation, the image quality of camera module is effectively improved. With loop-rail conveyer design, this system can be easily integrated into automatic production line and, therefore, greatly improves production efficiency.

• Full-function and digitalized image quality alignment. Optimize image quality by applying 6-degree freedom Sensor AA or 5-degree freedom Lens AA adjustment.
• To satisfy alignment requirements of different kinds of camera module such as Sport Cam, IP Cam and Automotive Cam.
• High-speed image plane tilt correction and center alignment by conducting αβ axis adjustment and XY axis centering.
• Thoughtfully designed jig for quickly and easily model switching that can fulfill the demands of variety type but small quantity product; it also can be customized.
• The Loop-Rails structure is designed for increasing the manufacturing speed and integrating with automatic In-line production.



Sensor Blemish Detect Check the particles on sensor before AA process
Glue width and broken detect  
Active Alignment 6-axis (Sensor) or 5-axis (Lens) active alignment
UV Pre Cure 4 LED heads to proceed UV Pre-cure
Through Focus and SFR Curves Measuring the result before and after Active Alignment
MTF and Decenter Test before and after UV pre-cure
Through objective distance scan Scan MTF variation from 40cm to infinity object distance.


Model MD-90AA Pro
Discerption Loop-rail conveyer system for automatic in-line production(1)
6-axis adjustment for Sensor Board
5-axis adjustment for Lens or Lens Holder
Module Dimensions Limitation Lens: ~50 mm(W) X 50 mm (L) X 150 mm(H)
PCB Board: ~50 mm(W) X 50 mm (L)
Note. Lager size parts may need a customized system, which required evaluation by UMA.
Optical System (4) Motorized collimators :
Objective distance 45cm ~ infinite
Light Source :
Visible Color Temperature 5000K ± 500K
Visible + NIR (850nm or 940nm)
Collimator Lens EFL :
Collimator Distribution Type A (4:3)
Type B (16:9)
FOV Range (R480) Bracket A.:24°~75°
Bracket B.:60˚ ~ 120˚
Bracket C.:95˚ ~ 150˚
XYZαβθ Axis SPEC
(5)Sensor AA
X Axis 20mm/0.001mm
Y Axis 320mm/0.001mm
Z Axis 40mm/0.0004mm
α Axis 3 ˚ /0.0045 ˚
β Axis 3 ˚ /0.0035 ˚
θ Axis ± 5 ˚ / 0.0042 ˚
(6)Lens AA
X Axis 20mm/0.001mm
Y Axis 320mm/0.001mm
Z Axis 40mm/0.0004mm
α Axis 3 ˚ /0.0045 ˚
β Axis 3 ˚ /0.0035 ˚
UV Light Source (7) OMRON: ZUV-C20H + ZUV-H20MC + ZUV-L6H
Wavelength 365nm.
Dispensing System(2) Vision: Keyence X300F
Dispenser: Mushashi Screw Master3
XYZ Table:
Accuracy +/- 5um
Glue Needle Calibration(3) Visual locating system:
Accuracy 5um
Cycle Time ~30 sec/pcs
MTF and Decenter Repetition
(w/o load&unload)
On-axis < 2 off-axis < 3
< 3pixels
Machine Dimensions 2036(W)*1130(D)*1800(H) mm
Machine Weight 550KG
Power Supply AC220V/10A
HEPA Air Tech: MAC-EC71E
Air pressure 5 kg/cm2
PC and Display IPC + Touch panel
Communication Interface Mod Bus/TCP
Software Operation Windows 10 64bit