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DSC501S system is developed for DSC lens; the optical design is Orthographic Projection. It is using single lens load/unload by manually method which is suitable development, making pair and import inspection.
Measurement principle is based on ISO12233 and using digitalized image process to provide promptly, accuracy and reliable MTF (SFR) test for optical inspection.

  • The maximum test points are 97 points which are the same effect as 49 CCDs in back projector system that provide a relatively cheap and complete test solution.
  • Test Chart costs low and has high flexibility.
  • Color Sensor provides chromatic aberration test.


Item Contents
MTF R、G、B、W Channel
97 Test Points
Auto grading from A to E by MTF data
DOF Deep of Focus
FBL Flange Back Focal Length
TV Distortion  
Magnification Magnification rate(center)
E.F.L. Effective Focal Length (working)
Through Focus  
Focus Tilt  
Field Curve  
Lens Compare Auto comparing and analyzing two Through Focus curve
COF Cutoff Frequency
TVL TV Line (2*COF*Sensor Height)
All Frequency Spatial Frequency Response


Specification Description
Average test time 5M:6 sec (without shifting)
21M:9 sec ( without shifting )
MTF Repeatability(<100lp/mm)
(Scan Step≦ 0.004mm)
Repeat test error at the same place:
Center≦3; Off center≦4:
MTF Error MTF+/-5(<100lp/mm)
Motor Resolution Min step=0.002mm
Position resolution=0.004 mm
Test Chart Size 570mm* 450mm
Total Track 400mm (FOV:700 Diagonal)
FBL Limit 0.35mm ( C.G 0.2mm)
0.45mm ( C.G 0.3mm)
0.55mm (C.G 0.4mm)
Image Sensor 5M Sensor Size : 5.7mm*4.28mm(1/2.5”)
Pixel Size: 2.2um*2.2um
21M Sensor Size : 5.985mm*4.497mm(1/2.4”)
Pixel Size: 1.12um*1.12um
Light source LED Back Light
System Size 795 mm(L)*735 mm(W)*730 mm(H)
Weight 80KG
Power AC220V、50/60 Hz 、600W
Operation System Windows 7