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Waveguide Image Quality Tester
DSC-E2WG is a well-design system for Waveguide image quality measurement. The multi-collimator light source design supports both Reflection and Transmission mode test, which also fulfills the demands of mass production. The main advantages are fast and high precision and reproducibility with reasonable pric


Item Contents
MTF 9~17 angular tested by color cameras
Test Channel R, G, B channel
Test Mode Reflection and Transmission mode
Test Positions Within Eye-box Range Changeable
Eye-box Pupil Manual replaceable
Position Centering Position confirmation via vision system (optional)


Model DSC-E2WG
Light Source White LED, 9~17 collimated light beams
Light Source Wavelength Range R: 610~627nm, G: 517~543nm  B: 449~470nm
Light Source Collimator Lens EFL: 100mm
Light Source Pupil Size 3mm – 4.5mm (Manual replaceable)
Pattern Cross line
Detector System 9~17 color cameras with telescope lens
Telescope Lens EFL: 100mm
Eye-Box Pupil Size 1mm ~ 6mm (Manual replaceable)
Eye Relief +/-5mm (Manual adjustment)
MTF Repeatability Delta MTF (Max-Min) <= 3.0
(Condition: 1. The light intensity at each Eyebox position, field, and R/G/B channel has to be bright enough(>70/255)
2. The repeatability will be not counted if the brightness is insufficient, which is defined by the system auto-exposure result. )
Average Test Times < 3s/Eye-box position (Eye box position change excluded)
(Condition: The exposure time has to be short enough ( < 500ms )
Test Angular Range
Delta (FOV/2) > 6°
Reflection mode(diagonal)   : +/- 30°
Transmission mode(diagonal) : +/- 35°
Max Special Frequency 60lp/deg
Axis Stage (X, Y, Z) Resolution 1um
Eye Box Offset Range +/-35mm in X and Y
Tray Effective Range 200mm X 200mm
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9 or Customized
Machine Dimensions 900W*1050D*1500H mm
Machine Weight 350 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
Communication Interface I/O Card
Operation System Windows 10 64bit