UMA / 產品介紹 / 模組調校組裝機


High Precision Active Alignment of Image Module Assembler

產品特點 Features
Full-function and digitalized Lens image quality alignment. Optimize image quality by 5 degree freedom adjustment.
●FOV(Field of View)最大值可接近 215°,可滿足各式相機模組的需求如運動相機、網路相機、環景相機與車用相機等。
Max. FOV(Field of View)~ 215 °. Able to meet the requirements of camera module such as cell phone, IP Cam, sports cam, panoramic camera and wide angle lens for cars.
High speed image tilt alignment. Able to proceed promptly and accurately image plane correction by αβ axis adjustment and through focus curve calculation.
Quick model change designed tray and jig can fulfill high variety with low quantity production requirements. The system also can be designed and planed by following client’s production line.


Through Focus 與 SFR曲線 主動式調教前與調校後均量測並顯示
軸心與離軸MTF量測 在預固化前與之後均會進行 MTF測試


Item Contents
Optical System Infinite conjugate system
Lens & Module Dimensions
Lens ψ:3 ~ 25 mm
    H:2 ~ 20 mm
Module H:5 ~ 30 mm
Platform Space 100mm(W)*130mm(L)
X Axis 20mm / 1um
Y Axis 50mm / 1um
Z Axis 40mm / 0.4um
α Axis ± 3 ˚ / 0.002 ˚
β Axis ± 3 ˚ / 0.002 ˚
FOV Range Bracket A.:20˚ ~ 110˚
Bracket B.:60˚ ~ 155˚
Bracket C.:90˚ ~ 179˚
Bracket D.:120˚ ~215˚
Collimator Light Source Color Temperature : 5500K ± 300K  
Life time:10,000 hrs
Test Charts Distribution Type A (4:3)
Type B (16:9)
Collimator Lens EFL 25mm ~ 100mm
UV light Source Wave length 365nm
Machine Dimensions 900W*1000D*1500H mm
Machine Weight 300 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
Communication Interface I/O Card
Operation System Windows7