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DSC-E2 Serie
鏡頭檢測儀 Lens MTF Tester
支援對角FOV 179˚量測,實現廣角鏡頭檢測。Support FOV 179˚ (diagonal) measurement to achieve wide-angle inspection requirements.
●MTF與Distortion修正補償二合一設計 ,節省校正程序及Reticle購買費用。
MTF Test and Distortion correction chart are both designed in a one reticle that simplified calibration process and much cost-effective.
●9~25 image regions組合供客戶選購及方便擴充升級。Combination of 9~25 image regions provides customers to purchase upgrades and expansion easily.
●結構強化設計讓機台在一般工廠環境中即可使用,不需要另外加裝防震設施。Enhanced structural design allows machine operating in general factory environment without any additional vibration isolator.
●程式可控物距切換可滿足不同物距量測的需求Program controlled motorized collimator can meet different objective distances measurement requirements.



MTF 9 ~25 Image Regions
DOF Depth of Focus
FBFL Flange Back Focal Length
Through Focus  
Focus Tilt Curvature Height
Image Plane Tilt Angle & Azimuth
Image plane Correction  
S.F.R. Spatial Frequency Response
Limit Resolution  
C.R.A. Chief Ray Angle
Relative Distortion  


Normally Average Test Time Without tray load/unload is around 2.5s/lens
Reticle Pattern – 2 types (Optional)
  1. Edge (ISO 12233)
  2. Line
MTF Repeatability (excluding load & unload) Delta MTF : (<= 180lp/mm)
On axis <= 1.5 ; off axis <= 2.5
Maximum Measuring Frequency 300lp/mm
Limited FBL > -3.0mm
Limited Image Circle ≦12mm  ( >12mm customized)
Collimator Lens EFL : 25mm/35mm/50mm/100mm
Object Distance Infinity
FOV Range (optional) Bracket A. : 20˚ ~ 110˚ (Typical)
Bracket B. : 60˚ ~ 155˚
Bracket C. : 85˚ ~ 179˚
Lens Size Limitation ψ50, 60mm height
XY Auto Centering Accuracy / Range 3um ; ±0.15mm
Limited Measuring Journey of Column Tray 130mm at X & Y Axis
Light Source 15V /150W halogen lamp
Machine Dimensions(cm) 142cm *76cm *160cm
Machine Weight(Kg) 250 Kg
Power Supply AC220V/10A
IPC Operation system Microsoft Windows 7