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Camera Module Image Tester

IM-900 針對相機模組影像品質提供多項高精度測試功能。此系統包含三個測試站,第一站測試本質校正;第二站測試影像品質;第三站則測試解像能力。最大試場角(FOV)可達215度,可廣泛的應用於各式影像模組檢測,如運動像機與車載模組等。
IM-900 Camera Module Image Quality Tester provides high precision multiple test items of image quality for camera module inspection. This system is consisted of three test stations, first station tests the Intrinsic Calibration of camera module; second station tests Image Quality, and the third station tests Resolution. The maximum Field of View close to 215˚ degree that can be widely applied to image module inspection of surveillance, sport and in car, etc.

The digitalized quality full inspection of camera module can be achieved by through three stations test, intrinsic calibration, Image Quality and Resolution, with multiple test items of each station.
●FOV(Field of View)最大值可接近 215°,可滿足各式相機模組的需求如運動相機、網路相機、環景相機與車用相機等。The maximum FOV(Field of View)is close to 215 degree for fulfilling the test requirements of different kinds of camera modules such as surveillance, sport and in car, etc.。
●雙軌運輸設計允許測試過程中進行樣品取放,以達到降低測試週期的功能。Two tracks transportation system design allows operating subjects load/unload while testing for reducing the total cycle time.
●快速切換治具與料盤設計,可滿足少量多樣需求;也可配合客戶產線客製規劃。Fast tray and Jig switch design can meet small-volume and variety of models production requirements. This system also can be customized for following client’s production line plan.