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DSC-E2UW MTF Inspection

DSC-E2UW is designed for lens MTF testing that is suitable for mobile phones, NB, monitoring and other small lenses inspection. The 215˚ Ultra-Wide view angle and program controllable relative attitude of the entrance pupil are equipped. It provides high precision, repeatability with reasonable cost for inspection solution, and compatible with the industry standard. This system is the first choice of the lens inspection in R&D evaluation and incoming quality control.

支援對角FOV 215˚量測,實現超廣角鏡頭檢測。Support FOV 215˚ (diagonal) measurement to achieve ultra-wide angle inspection requirements.
●MTF與Distortion修正補償二合一設計 ,節省校正程序及Reticle購買費用。
MTF Test and Distortion correction chart are both designed in a one reticle that simplified calibration process and more cost-effective.
 ●入光瞳高度可程式控制設定,提高料盤共用性及降低Collimator Camera調整機率。The attitude of entrance pupil is program controllable for raising the common multiusability of tray and decrease the chances of Collimator Cameras adjustment
 ●9~17 image regions組合供客戶選購及方便擴充升級。Combination of 9~25 image regions provides customers to purchase upgrades and expansion easily.
 ●結構強化讓機台在一般工廠環境中即可使用,不需要另外加裝防震設施。  Enhanced structural design allows machine operating in general factory environment without other vibration isolator.