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MD-60AA Series
High Precision Active Alignment of Image Module Assembler

MD-60AA針對影像模組提供高精密度之全功能鏡頭模組多軸主動式調焦與校正。根據MTF(Modulation Transfer Function)值的計算結果,透過多軸式的精密調校,可呈現相機模組的最佳影像品質。可廣泛應用於監控、運動、車用等影像模組組裝。
MD-60AA provides full function of automatically and multi-axis of high precision active focusing, tilt calibration, centering and glue dispensing and curing for the camera module alignment. The image quality can be effectively improved based on MTF calculation and multi axis accurate adjustment. It can be widely applied to image module assembling of surveillance, sport and in car, etc.

產品特點 Features
Full-function and digitalized Lens image quality alignment. Optimize image quality by 5 degree freedom adjustment.
●FOV(Field of View)最大值可接近 215°,可滿足各式相機模組的需求如運動相機、網路相機、環景相機與車用相機等。
Max. FOV(Field of View)~ 215 °. Able to meet the requirements of camera module such as cell phone, IP Cam, sports cam, panoramic camera and wide angle lens for cars.
High speed image tilt alignment. Able to proceed promptly and accurately image plane correction by αβ axis adjustment and through focus curve calculation.
Quick model change designed tray and jig can fulfill high variety with low quantity production requirements. The system also can be designed and planed by following client’s production line.